A Year Without You (poem)

You left your coffee by my windowsill

And up till now I still wonder why

You left that day without a reason

No explanations, not even an excuse

Your presence was my beacon

My constant guidance and friend

You sparked ashes back aflame

You made chaos your symphony

And for all that I’m worth

I built my world around you

Of you I became selfish

Your absence left me unsure what to do

But long you have stayed

And long you have gone

And I no longer lingered back

To unbidden feelings of remorse

And as I looked at the horizon

Without you by my side

I wondered for the first time

What it meant for a world

That I built around myself

To pave the path that I choose

And as to what would come next

I’m not sure you know what I do

But trust me

I’m moving on from you.


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